Image by Nadine Primeau

21-Day Cleanse

July 10 - 30

Note:  If you have registered for the cleanse, go ahead and read the welcome note and sign in to join the fun.  If you have not already registered,  REGISTER NOW, then come back and join us!

Woo hoo!!  Welcome to the cleanse!  

These 3 weeks, we will make some changes to our diets to reduce the number of toxins that we consume. Doing this will allow our bodies to detox more efficiently, something that happens naturally. While we are detoxing, we will learn a lot about food, our relationship to it, and the effects that different foods have on our bodies.

This cleanse is organized to be gradual so that we experience a minimal amount of detox symptoms. The first week is designed to slowly release toxins that have been stored in our bodies for many years. During the second week, liquids, we will flood our systems with nutrients that will heal and rebuild our bodies on a cellular level. During the third week, we will slowly reintroduce foods, taking note of how they make us feel. Using this feedback from our bodies, we will be able to optimize our diets. 

Each one of us will experience something different. Some detox symptoms are more obvious than others. These symptoms are temporary and are an indication that toxins are being released. Celebrate, then lay down somewhere and let our bodies do its thing. 




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